Professional Management

Moshe Ballas – CEO


Senior manager and founder of the company.

Moshe graduated with honors from the Haifa Technion’s degree in mechanical engineering (B.S.C.)

From 1962 Moshe is engaged in engineering design and development. Starting as a mechanical engineer at Amkor and then at VICKERS, he also worked on various design and development projects for the defense system.

In 1971, Moshe established the leading engineering firm in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics to date.
Since 1980, Bells Engineering has represented Rexroth, Hydac, Simrit and other companies.

He currently runs Bells Engineering which represents the leading companies:

 Rexroth, Hydac, Simrit and other companies.

Moshe Bells is considered a renowned expert in hydraulics and pneumatics.

He has designed and accompanied many projects in industry and agriculture in Israel and abroad.

Alon Polad –

Service Department Manager


Mechanical Engineer (B.S.C), a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Graduated in Business Administration at the College of Management

Elon began his role in 1995 in Belles Engineering as an engineer in a service department,
(After sale service) Alon currently manages the service department at Bells Engineering, over the years he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of fault detection and repair of hydraulic components, accompanying and operating projects, which includes courses and training in hydraulic hydraulic systems, and electric propulsion.

Shlomo Mashiachpour –

 Project Engineering


Mechanical Engineer (B.S.C), a graduate of Bridgeport Connecticut University in the US.

Shlomo began working at Bells Engineering in 1993, doing mechanical design and sales. Today, Solomon is a project engineer and is involved in the planning and construction of projects in a wide range of fields.
Experience in hydraulic and pneumatic design for various plants in Israel.
Has undergone electric propulsion courses and hydraulic and mechanical systems design in Israel and abroad.

Orna Ballas – Project Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.C), a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ben-Gurion University.
Orna worked as a development engineer at a plastic products and military industry. Since 2011, Orna has been engaged in industrial design and industrial design with Solidworks software for a variety of projects.

Her work includes building a product portfolio – production and assembly drawings, assembly instructions, repairing and improving existing products, and designing multidisciplinary systems. Mechanical system responsibility from prototype control to production.

Specializing in plastic parts design, machining, sheet metal.

Shai Meir – Project Engineering

Mechanical Engineer (B.S.C).
Over the years, Shalom has gained extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical and hydraulic design, including courses and training in the design of hydraulic and mechanical systems in Israel and abroad.

Eyal Ballas – Sys Admin

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