Bieri Hydraulik AG.

BIERI of the Hydac Intenational Group is a Swiss company with over 60 years of development and production experience. Its products include: hydraulic products (valves, pumps, spigots etc.) for standard pressures and high pressures up to 1000 bar. Axial and

Oil Control

Oil Control is an Italian company established in 1973. The company focuses on the development and manufacture of embedded valves (compact hydraulics) mainly for the mobile hydraulics field. The company is considered global a leader in its field. In 2005,


  Simrit Freudenberg Sealing Technologies of the Freudenberg Group is a very well established company engaged in the development and manufacture of sealing and rubber products. The company provides sealing and shock absorption solutions in many industrial fields. The company’s


Hydac has been a leader in the field of hydraulics for over 40 years. Its products include filters and elements, valves (embedded and non-embedded), hydraulic accumulators, filtration systems, cooling systems, test and control sensors. The company offers a wide range

Rexroth Bosch Group

The Rexroth Bosch Group is one of the world’s leading companies offering a wide range of quality products and industry solutions. The company operates in five core industrial fields: industrial hydraulics, transport hydraulics, pneumatics, electronic motion control, and linear Motion.
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