20 ton hydraulic press

Design and manufacture of a 20 ton hydraulic press, including electrical and controls. This project was carried out using the “turnkey project” model, including installation and activation.
יחידת כח בעלת מחלק זרימה בוכנתי

Power unit with cylinder flow divider

The project included designing and manufacturing the power unit. The unit is responsible for operating four extraction cylinders for removing a plastic product out of the mold after pressing. The action requires maximal precision when it comes to the motion
יחידת כח הידראולית למכונת הזרקת פלסטיק

Hydraulic power unit for plastic injection machine

Hydraulic power unit for plastic injection machine. The unit includes a servo motor and an internal gear pump. The above-mentioned combination allows for maximal energy economization while eliminating the need for oil within the system. It also decreases noise levels
מתקן לבדיקת צינורות לחץ

Apparatus for pressure tube testing

This apparatus, designed for testing pressure tubes, subjects tubes to high pressure at 1500 bar levels. The machine also contains an explosion chamber for pressure tubes at the pressure of 2500 bar. The apparatus is entirely automated without any involvement

Hydraulic system for agricultural machinery

Field: agriculture. Country: Israel. Client: Yifat Enterprises. This agricultural disc harrow performs all the required soil tilling actions. The design of the hydraulic system manufactured by Ballas makes it possible to collapse and expand the harrow’s arms for convenient transportation.

3 power units for a pipe manufacturing conveyor belt

Country: Israel. Client: The Middle East Tube Company Ltd. 3 power units operating conveyor belts for pipes of different diameters for different processes across the factory.

Olive/almond harvesting machine

Country: Israel. Field: agriculture. Client: “Shake-Kol” in collaboration with “Maof”. Manufacture, in collaboration with the “Shake-Kol” company, of a “shaking” olive harvesting machine. Design and manufacture of all hydraulic systems, including the driving, steering and crane operating systems.

Testing apparatus for steel plant

Country: Israel – India. Field: steel industries. Client: classified. Central power unit for operating a machine for aligning and calibrating iron plates. Ballas Engineering designed and manufactured the central power unit controlling this machine.

Presses for manufacturing engraving fixtures

Design and manufacture of a central power unit operating a number of end units, with an end unit placed next to each manufacturing press. The end unit operates the press and is powered by the central power unit. All parameters
התקנת מערכות הידראוליות

Design of hydraulic elevators for cargo ships

“Fully Automatic” hydraulic elevators for two ships in the AGREXCO company’s merchant navy. The elevator transports goods down three stories under sea level inside the ship’s hold and up 3 stories above sea level. Thanks to the elevator, the loading
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